Smoke Or Fire - Goodbye To Boston tab

here we go, i havent figured out some of the background riffs,
but this is the main part of the song...this is off the old album,
Above the City...yea, thats about it, good luck, its really not
too hard, even though its one of the most awesome bands ive ever
listened to

Intro (x2)

e------------I----------------------|b------------I----------------------|g------------I-------------66-44----| (x3)d--22222222--I----7777\----66-44----|a--22222222--I----7777\----44-22----|e--00000000--I----5555\-------------|pm ........
Verse x2
e-------------------------------I-------------------------------|Ib-------------------------------I-------------------------------|Ig-------------------------------I-------------------------------|Id----6---6--6--------------(x3)-I----6---6--6----9---9--9-------|(x1)-Ia--44--44--4-----7---7--7-------I--44--44--4---77--77--7--------|Ie--------------55--55--5--------I-------------------------------|Ipm ... ... .. ... ... .. ... ... .. ... ... .
e--------------------|Ib--------------------|Ig--------------------|Id-----9---9--9-------|(x3)-I this part is more of a mix of chordsa---777-777-77-------|I and palm mutes but its still the same rythme--------------------|Ipm .. .. .
Chorus (same as intro but leave out the palm muted E chord at the beginning) x2 Bridge (x9) the last time is the part without drums and without the E chord
Bridge Part 2
e-----------------------------|b-----------------------------|g--999-----999------66-44-----|d--999-777-999-777--66-44-----| (x4)a--777-777-777-777--44-22-----|e------555-----555------------|
Bridge Part 3
e----------------------- -----------------|b----------------------- -----------------|g---666----------------- --66----66-------|d---666-7777777777777--- (x4) --66-77-66-77----| (x1)a---444-7777777777777--- --44-77-44-77----|e-------5555555555555--- -----55----55----|pm ... .............
Chorus (x2) End on
alright, hopefully if i screwed anything up or left anything out, you can figure it out from what ive got already...let me know if ive messed it up, i know i dont have the riffs, but if youre only using one guitar, this is all you need... hopefully therell be more tabs to come, enjoy
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