Smokie - If You Think You Know How To Love Me tab

IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW HOW TO LOVE MEINTRO:Acoustic(CAPPOED on 2nd frett) Am GF#-------------------------------------------------------------------------|C#---------0-1--------------0-1-------------3----------------3-------------|A--------2----------------2--------------------0----------------0----------|E------2----------2-----2----------------0-------0---------0------0--------|B----0----------------0-----------0----2-----------2-----2----------2------|F#-----------------------------------3-----------------3-------------------|
Here starts the verse(Riff 1) Am GF#-------------------------------------------------------------------------|C#---------0-2--------------0-2-------------3----------------3-------------|A--------2----------------2--------------------0----------------0----------|E------2----------2-----2----------------0-------0---------0------0--------|B----0----------------0-----------0----2-----------2-----2----------2------|F#-----------------------------------3-----------------3-------------------|
Am GF#-------------------------------------------------------------------------|C#---------0-1--------------0-1-------------3-----------------3------------|A--------2----------------2--------------------0----------------0----------|E------2----------2-----2----------------0-------0---------0------0--------|B----0----------------0-----------0----2-----------2-----2----------2------|F#-----------------------------------3-----------------3-------------------|
C GF#-------------------------------------------------------------------------|C#------------1-----------------1----------------3----------------3--------|A---------------0-----------------0----------------0----------------0------|E---------2-------2---------2-------2---------0------0---------0------0----|B-------3-----------3-----3-----------3-----2----------2-----2----------2--|F#----3-----------------3-----------------3----------------3---------------|
DF#-----------2------2------2---------------------------------------|C#---------3----3--------3-----3-----------------------------------|A--------2--------2----2---------2---------------------------------|E------0---------------------------0-------------------------------| -I've improvisedB------------------------------------------------------------------| hereF#-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Now, Riff 1 is played throughout the song,so you can either skip the strumming of the or skip the 'pick' or play them both. Am G Breathless drive on a downtown street Am G Motorbike ride in the midday heat C G Dust that hung from the desert skies D run ,though we run, it still burned our eyes Am G Oh yes we may walk on the wild ,wild side of life Am G And our movements traced by a stranger close by your side C G In the shadows of a promise you can take my hand D And show me a way to understand Am D Chorus: So if you think you know how to love me Am G And you think you know what I need Am G And if you really, really want me to stay D You've got to lead the way Am G Yes if you think you know how to love me Am G And you think you can stand by me Am G And if you really, really want me to stay D G You've got to lead the way Am G Reckless night in a nameless town Am G Then we moved out of sight with a silent sound C G A beach that wept with desert waves D That's where we slept, knowing we'd be safe Am G Now you may think you can walk on the wild wild side with me Am G But There's a lot I can learn and a lot that I've yet to see C G Know ,you've got my life, lying in your hands D So it's up to you to make me understand (repeat chorus) OK this is it,very beautiful song,hope you like the tab,corrections are
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