Smokie - Naked Love Baby Love Me chords

Tab by DarkBlackPoison - Čufko


AI'll kiss your lips
Amaj7My finger tips
D AWill know just what to do
A Amaj7Tonight's the night that I will find
D EThe woman that's in you.
A Amaj7I'll kiss you, caress you,
D ASlowly undress you,
F#mAnd we'll make love
D EAll night through
A EBaby love me, lady love me,
F#m DLike no one ever could
A EI can never, never ever
[ch]B#m[/ch] D EGet enough naked love
ADon't try to fight,
Amaj7What's locked inside?
D AJust open up the door
A Amaj7Let me in, just give in
D ETo what you waited for.
A Amaj7I'll touch you, tease you,
D AI'm here just to please you
A F#m And we have got
D EAll night love.
[Chorus] A D A D A E
DHold on, be strong,
E F#mYou know, this can't be wrong,
BmLet love lead you,
D ELet me show you the way, oh yeah...
[Repeat the chorus till the song fades away ^^] Enjoy in playing the song!
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