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Snapcase – Caboose tab

Easy song, unfortunately there are no right tabs over the net...

Tune down 1/2 step

Intro-A (g1) Intro-A (g2)|---------------| |------------||---------8-----| |------------||---5h7---7-----| |------------| g2 plays along with the first 3 notes|-------6---6---| |--7-7-7-----| of g1|---------------| |--7-7-7-----||---------------| |--5-5-5-----|
Intro-B1|--------------------||--------------------||--------------------| Listen for timing|--4-4---4---4---4---||--4-4---4---4---4---||--2-2---2---2---2---| · · · · ·
Intro-B2|-----------------------| |---| |---||-----------------------| |---| |---||-----------------------| |---| |-5-||--4-4---4---4---4-5~---| or perhaps 2 guitars |-5-| & |-5-||--4-4---4---4---4-3~---| that play |-5-| |-3-||--2-2---2---2---2-3~---| |-3-| |---| · · · · ·
Intro riff is Intro-A + Intro-B1 (3x), then Intro-A + Intro-B2 (1x), before the verse the drum thingy.
Verse|----------------------------------||----------------------------------||----------------------------------||--4---4---2-2-2-2---5---7-5-4-5---||--4---4---2-2-2-2---5---7-5-4-5---||--2---2---0-0-0-0---3---5-3-2-3---| · · · ·
Fill-A (g2)|---9-9-14-9-9-14-9-9-14-9-9-14---||---------------------------------||---------------------------------| Played along with verse by a 2nd guitar|---------------------------------||---------------------------------||---------------------------------|
Verse is quite easy, play Verse, and somewhere the g2 joins and plays Fill-A
Chorus-A|------------||------------||-----7------| This is the chord, up to you to figure out the rhythm|-----5------||-----5------||------------|
Chorus-B|-------------||-------------||----5--------| The F chord is PM, perhaps, don't know|--4-5---4-5--||--4-3---4-5--||--2-----2-3--|
Chorus-A is a single chord, but it's strummed many times, let's figure it out! Chorus-B, the other hand, it's the end of the chorus ("..comes from within..") Again, play verse, then chorus, and then this riff
Bridge-A1|---------------||---------------||---------------| NOT palm muted|---4---4---4---||---4---4---4---||---2---2---2---|
Play Bridge-A1 (3x), then Bridge-A2 (1x), twice... and then the 3b will let the third come in... then play chorus TWICE. Then comes Bridge-A WITH NO DRUMS... play the same sequence (3xA1, 1xA2), then g1 plays 1xA1 1xA2 FOUR TIMES, but the third time, Bridge-A2 becomes
|---------------------||---------------------||---------------------||---4---4---4-5-5-5---||---4---4---4-5-5-5---||---2---2---4-3-3-3---| · · ·
g2 plays the same stuff, but the FIRST time, when g1 plays A1, g2 plays
|-----------------||-----------------||-----------------| * ->harmonic (perhaps it's played in the A string)|---4---4---4-----||---4---4---4-----||---2---2---2-3*--|
The third Bridge-A1 (g1), g2 plays the 3b normally, with no harmonics. Last riff is Bridge-A1 (3x) Bridge-A2 (1x) with a different timing, played twice...
End|-----------------||-----------------||-----------------||---4---4---4-----||---4---4---4-----||---2---2---2-----| · · ·
That's all, I've talked too much, though.
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