Sneaker Pimps – Postmodern Sleaze tab

This is in the key of c# minor.  Chris Corner picks some notes really hard, but I think
it sounds better that way.  Listen to the song and you'll figure out which notes require
emphasis.  I was getting mighty sick of this not being tabbed so I did it myself.  This
is my first tab, hope it helps.

Capo 4th fret
h = hammer on
p = pull off

It'll sound like the first note is an octave higher than it should be.  My bet is that
the lower note is the bass guitar, not the acoustic.

Pick this once, e---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G-----2------0----------2------0-----------2------0----------0h2------0-----|D-----2----2---h4-------2----2---h4-0------2----2---h4----0h2----2------h4--|A--0-----0---------0-0----3------------0-0----0--------0-----------0--------|E---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
the beat comes in heree--------------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------------------|G-----------0h2-2------0----------------0h2-2------0-----|D-----0h2-2-------2-2----h4-------0h2-2-------2-2----h4--|A---0-----0-------------------0-0-----0------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------|
repeat as necessary. That'll do you for a good portion of the song. There's a G and C chord in there somewhere, but the vocalist's switch from minor to major is a bit confusing. I usually just strum those chords and let the bass drown me out. You can do that or make up your own picking.
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