Snfu – Cannibal Cafe tab

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From Sun Jan 19 14:11:14 1997
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 15:42:24 -0800
Subject: Cannibal Cafe by SNFU

 Since you don't have any SNFU tabs yet I thought I'd get the ball rolling.
  This is cannibal cafe off the album "...and nobody else wanted to play."

  chords used

D B G E A e--------------------| B--------------------| G--7---------------2-| D--7---9---5---2---2-| A--5---9---5---2---0-| E------7---3---0-----|
Intro D B G Chorus D B G D B G Funny I'm not familiar with this taste D B G D B G I said are these ribs or is this steak D B G D B G Well I'd sure like to know what the hell this is I'm chewin' D B G D B G I said holy fuck, it's another human Verse D E Come with me, I'm on my way B A to the cannibal cafe D E Won't you come to the only place B A D B G Where you could be the special of the day D B G There I was chokin' this thing back D B G When I realized that it was someone's hand D B G The only way that I could possibly tell D B G Careless cook did not remove the finger nails (Chorus) D B G The food ain't bad and the food ain't good D B G Don't dare order the leper's foot D B G I recomend the ass of the farmer's wife D Fair and tender not so greasy B G Heavy on the cellulite (Chorus) That's about all. Listen to the song to get the timing. This is by far the easiest SNFU song I know of. If anybody has any SNFU tabs out there, please post them. Any questions, comments, cuss words, write me. enjoy Dane Dane Green
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