Snot - Stoopid tab

                  SONG: Stoopid
	     BAND: Snot
	    ALBUM: Get Some
	     DATE: 06-05-01


	TUNING: Drop Db (Db, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb)

Riff 1: (clean w/ wah) Eb|---------------| Bb|---------------| Gb|---------------| Db|-15--------x-x-| Ab|-14--------x-x-| Db|-12--------x-x-|
Riff 2: (overdrive w/ wah) Eb|-------------------------------------------------------------------| Bb|-13------12------10------x-10-x-10---13------15-----7-7-x-x-9-x-10-| Gb|-------------------------x-10-x-10------------------7-7-x-x-9-x-10-| Db|-------------------------------------------------------------------| Ab|-------------------------------------------------------------------| Db|-------------------------------------------------------------------|
Riff 3: (distorted) Eb|----------------------------| Bb|----------------------------|
Gb|-7-------5--7-------------5-| Not too sure if this is right but, when playing w/ Db|-7-3-5-0-5--7-3-5-6-5-3-5-5-| the CD it sounds really good. Ab|-5-3-5-0-3--5-3-5-6-5-3-5-3-| Db|---3-5-0------3-5-6-5-3-5---|
Riff 4: (distorted) Eb|-----------------------| Bb|-----------------------| Gb|-----------------------| Db|-6-3--3-0--3-6-6-3-0-3-| Ab|-6-3--3-0--3-6-6-3-0-3-| Db|-6-3--3-0--3-6-6-3-0-3-| PM - - - -
Solo: Just a variation of Riff 2 w/ distortion and some tremlo's here and there
Riff 5: (just after solo, distortion) Eb|-------------| Bb|-------------| Gb|-------------| Db|-5-0-3-6-0-3-| Ab|-5-0-3-6-0-3-| Db|-5-0-3-6-0-3-| PM - - - - - -
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