Snow Patrol - Hands Open Acoustic tab

			     HANDS OPEN (acoustic) - Snow Patrol
Tabbed by:Jacob N

Tuning: Standard

Hey, ive watched a few covers of people on the net, and many viewers are asking for 
So, here it is.
Its a slightly different idea on how to play the song, but its 100% spot on.

(Capo 1 fret.)

It's hard to argue when
G5       E   D      A
You won't stop making sense
G5    E      D        A
But my tongue still misbehaves
G5    E       D          A
And it keeps digging my own grave
G5    E        D            A

With my hands open
     G5   E        D  A
And my eyes open
     G5   E        D  A
I just keep hoping
     G5   E        D  A
That your heart opens
     G5   E        D  A

Why would I sabotage
G5       E     D    A
the best thing that I have?
G5       E      D     A
Well, it makes it easier to know
G5       E        D         A
Exactly what I want
G5    E    D    A

It's not as easy as willing it all to be right
A                   C5         E5
Gotta be more than hoping it's right
E5                   G#5
I wanna hear you laugh like you really mean it
A                   C5                E5
Collapse into me tired with joy
E5                 G#5

***just play single notes on the top string. Which is an "F" (because of the capo. 
you can use full chords for a heavier sound)***

Put Sufjan Stevens on
G#     A#          B
And we'll play your favorite song
  G#            A#       B
’Chicago’ bursts to life
G#            A#     B
And your sweet smile remembers you
           G#      A#        B
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