Snow Patrol – Disaster Button tab

Artist: Snow Patrol
Song: Disaster Button
Album: A Hundred Million Suns

A5:    577xxx
B5:    799xxx
C#5:   9(11)(11)xxx
D5:    x577xx
E5:    x799xx
E5/C#: 979xxx

B5             E5                             A5
A little after twelve, the function suite was full
                        C#5        B5  
With people I had never seen before

                 E5                        A5
Ripped up ticket stubs, confetti'ed on the floor
                            C#5       B5
It dawned on me I’d seen it all before

                   E5                      A5
Cool your beans my son, you look a fucking mess
                        C#5           B5
No one’s getting out of here, tonight

                E5                            A5
Hit that button there, the one that just says wrong
                                     C#5             B5
We’ll lose our lives through all our favorite songs

B5                           E5/C#
Go forward to later you look light on your feet
         E5                        D5
When you whirled in the room I was nailed to my seat
B5                          E5/C#
I‘m like a prisoner getting ready to stalk
           E5                        D5
I feel the blood in my hands and the threat in your walk

B5                        E5/C#
And suddenly it lifts the roof off the place
             E5                      D5
That keeps a fault in my step, and a grin on my face
B5                          E5/C#
It can’t contain me but you needn't on me
       E5                           D5
Get me back in my box, and snap the branches off me

B5              E5                          A5
 A little after four, the function suite is dead
                          C#5         B5
And I am just a ripped up ticket stub 
                 E5                           A5
Here’s a helping hand, a voice that’s far too close
                      C#5          B5
And I am up and on my broken limbs

Solo: B5 E5/C# E5 D5 x2
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