Snow Patrol – Black And Blue tab

This song pretty alright, kinda weird if you listen to it. I think I have the gist on it
plus all the other tabs I've tried to find on the web have well... pretty much sucked.

Intro A Asus2E|-0--0---|B|-2--0---|G|-2--2---|D|-2--2---|A|-0--0---|E|--------|x4
Verse (For the verse part, do the same regression as the intro above for the "A" chord. For D chord however, do this regression:
For the both chord regressions, repeat twice every chord. A Blood red lips like soft intentions D Kiss my eyes - they're black and blue A Even if I shouldn't be here D I cannot help myself with you A There's something that I should have told you D We won't get a second chance A Just one night is all we'll spend D Together and it's killing me, she... Second Verse (Distortion, this is played in bar chords) Bm Reyehyehyehyehyehyehyehyehyehyeh (Background Synthesizers Playing for a While, Then...) Bm She reyeyescues me... Bm She reyeyescues me... A She reyeyescues me... Bm She reyeyescues me... These verses repeat for a while, then some weird synthesizer stuff. If you were to this song with some friends or something, I'd probably just get one of your guitarists solo these weird parts, unless you have a synthesizer at home, in which case you can then do the hell you want. Keep Jammin'
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