Snow Patrol – The Planets Bend Between Us Acoustic tab ver. 2

The Planets Bend Between Us (Acoustic) by Snow Patrol

This is the acoustic version of The Planets Bend Between Us by Snow Patrol
( There's not much to it, really,
but there's nothing that great for this song on UG so far.

It's in standard tuning. Simple enough. This tab has two guitars, Gary Lightbody's and 
Nathan Connolly's but GL's parts on their own sound fine.


Intro and Verse:

Gary Lightbody's part, which consists of the two notes on the E and D strings being played simultaneously and the open a string being hit right after, droning through the whole verse:e|-------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------|D|-7---7---7---7---7----7----7---7---7----7----7----7----|A|---0---0---0---0----0----0---0---0----0----0----0------|E|-9---9---7---7---10---10---10--10--10---10---10---10---|
Repeat this for each line of the verse.
Nathan Connolly's part for the first verse, which comes in after a bar or so of the intro:e|-12----------10---|B|----10-12-10------|G|------------------|D|------------------|A|------------------|E|------------------|
For the first half of the second verse, Nathan plays this, before going back in to the other part.Listen to the acoustic version to hear when he plays the 9 on the G and when he doesn't, at first he plays the 7-9-7 first every time, but not always.Do it whatever way you like:e|----------------------|B|----------------------|G|------------------9---|D|--7-9-7-----7-9-7-----|A|----------------------|E|----------------------|
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chorus: Gary's part. Listen to the song for the rhythm and all that:
Play that for each line of the chorus, right through. Nathan's part. Again, listen for the rhythm, these are just what notes he's playing. They're played in quick succession:
Every so often throw in a 10 on the high e:e|--------------------------------------------------------10---|B|--10---10---10---10-----10---10---10---10---10---10---10-----|G|-----9----9----9----9-9----9----9----9----9----9----9--------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------|
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's most of it anyway, can't think of anymore, but if there's any more, I'll come back to it and put it in!
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