Snow Patrol - Spitting Games tab


e|------------------------------------------------------------|B|--5/7---------------------5/7-------------------------------|G|--------------4-2-------------------4-2-7-------------------| x2D|------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------|
D C Am G I broke into your house last night, D C Am G And left a note at your bedside, D C Am G I'm far too shy to speak to you at school, D C Am G You leave me numb and i'm not sure why, Bridge D C Am G I find it easier to sit and stare, D C Am G Than push my limbs out towards you out there, D C Am G My heart is bursting in your perfect eyes, D C Am G As blue as oceans and as pure as skies, F G D I struggle for the words and then give up, F G D My heads up with the birds on the t-hut, F G D A little piece of mind that i know better, F G D Than the plain disgrace of all my letters, Bridge D C Am G After that the floodgates opened up, D C Am G And i fell in love with everyone i saw, D C Am G Please take your time i'm not in any rush, D C Am G And its in everything I ever write F G D Its not as if i need the extra weight, F G D Confused enough by life so thanks a lot, F G D Lonely written words for company, F G D Just raise the roof this once and follow me, Bridge(x4) ENJOY! By Scott brown
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