Snow Patrol - One Night Is Not Enough tab

Tuning: Standard

Chords:   Am x02210
          F  x03211
          G  320003

-Verse 1-


Am        F         Am
Left your door wide open,

Am         F             G
I couldn't help but walk in,

Am       F            Am
It's the last place I should be,

Am      F        G
But I'm dying to see you,

Gt2 Riffe----------------------------|b----------------------------|G----------------------------|D---5h7-----5h7-----5p0------|A----------------------------|E----------------------------| x2
Am F Am Have I held out for something? Am F G That is never gonna happen, -Pause- -Chorus- x2 F Am F It's not me that you love, Am F It's not me that you love, Am G It's not me that you love, -Verse 2- Am F Am Woke up cold this morning, Am F G You shied away from my touch, Am F Am I would never mean to hurt you, Am F G Cause I love you so much, -Guitar 2 Riff- Am F Am Was it always only one night, Am F G That you ever wanted from me? -Chorus- x2
Gt2 Solo pt1e----------------------------------------|b----------------------------------------|G---7h9-9/12p9-9---16h17-16-12-----------|D----------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------|
Solo pt2e----------------------------------------|b----------------------------------------|G---7h9-9/12p9-9---11h12-12-4------------|D----------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------|
-Solo pt1- x1
Solo pt3e----------------------------------------|b-----10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10-----|G---12--12--12--12--12--12--12--12-------|D----------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------| x1
solo pt1 solo pt3
Solo pt4 (Outro)e----------------------------------------|b----------------------------------------|G---7h9-9/12p9-9---16-12-----------------|D----------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------|
h - hammer-on p - pull-off / - slide x - mute note ===============================================================================
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