Snow Patrol – Make This Go On Forever tab

Snow patrol - make this go on forever

well this is pretty simple but effective i think.
i chose mostly power chords because it sounds much more like the piano in the normal version,
but hey, mess around its all good.

2 parts: main guitar (and optional distortion guitar) and bass.

Verse 1 - C# E B A


  1      2      3      4

Please don't let this turn into some- E 1 2 3 4
-thing it's not B
I can only give you every- A
-thing I've got (tremolo pick the root note to get the bass) this goes in eights with the bar -- 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 E-9999999999999999999999999999999000000000000000000000000000000-> ->7777777777777777777777777777777555555555555555555555555555555 C# E I can't be as sorry as you think I should B A (cont same chords) But I still love you more than anyone else could All that I keep thinking throughout this whole flight Is it could take my whole damn life to make this right This splintered mast I'm holding on won't save me long Because I know fine well that what I did was wrong F* x x 11 11 9 0 Chorus (build up pace to a steady strum) C# B A F* C# B A F* The last girl in the last reason to make this last for as long as I could First kiss and the first time that I felt connected to anything The weight of water, the way you taught me to look past everything I had ever learned The final word in the final sentence you ever uttered to me was love Verse 2 (same as previous) We have got through so much worse than this before What's so different this time that you can't ignore? You say it is much more than just my last mistake And we should spend some time apart for both our sakes chorus 2 (heavy distortion, emphasise the roots) outro B A# C#
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|--8------8------8------8------8------8------8------8----------------------------------|--11-----11-----11-----11-----11-----11-----11-----11---------------------------------|--11-----11-----11-----11-----11-----11-----11-----11---------------------------------|-----9--9---9--9---9--9---9--9---9--9---9--9---9--9---4-5-7--7 repeat once, end on 7-|
thanky Jack Edmonds live forever :)
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