Snow - Little Did They Know tab

	                  LITTLE DID THEY KNOW - Snow

Transcribed by: Azzdem
Album: Mind on the Moon


G D (plucked)

G                               D
 I've never been a man that really cares what people say

G                            D
 You sit alone but now I wish that you would find your way

G                              D                         Am
 Since you been in my life my days seem shorter and my nights with you so long

G                              D
 Gotta feeling deep inside of me, you're taking me apart

G                                            D
 Running through my veins you can feel the pounding of my beating heart

G                                             D
 When you're gone, night or day trying to find peace of mind hideaway

Am                       D
 Or does she love me at all

              G                        Am             D
(Little did they know) She's like the glitter in my eyes
              G                        Am             D
(Little did they know) She's like the star in the sky
              G                              Am             D
(Don't want to let her go) Love is based on too many many lies
G                            Em              G
 Rain and the thunder she's taking me under

Got me feeling things that a lonely man can't understand
Want her all the time but she only see's me when and if she can
Who would ever thought that I could fall in love
Some things are better left unexplained
Still I sit and wonder why, when my life just pass me by?
Now I'm wrapped up in the games we played and left me in this land alone


Who am I a foolish man to think this way

Addicted to your love, what a price to pay

The people see me off the ground and dust me off again

Little did they know lord

Jump down girl jump up in a this
When you're in love you need no more wish
Akie and Salt fish Queen of my dish
You're the Queen of my heart
The will that come first
some of them want, them need
The word is not heard...
Rain and the thunder she's taking me under

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