Snugglewhippers - My Day Out tab

Snugglewhippers - My Day Out
Tabbing By Steve Melville

This is my second tabbing and is the classic hit by the upcoming
underated fourpiece - The SnuggleWhippers

U should by now know the words but ill put em on just in case u dont

Apply usual snugglewhippers distortion

Intro and verses

This is played and then the lyrics come in The above is continued I knew from the start My day wound be a bitch Cus when I stepped out the door I fell into a ditch RIFF 1 ------
Lyrics ------ Bollocks The intro guitaring then continues for the second verse: I was walkin to work When I turned down the lane Just my fuckin luck I was hit by a train ------ Riff 1 ------ Lyrics ------ ummm bugger Chorus ------ Palm mute play this twice with th lyrics below it
Im seeing its not my day But at least im not gay
Im not gay,Im not gay,Im not gay, Im not gay,Im not gay,Im not gay, Im not gay,Im not gay,Im not gay, Back into intro guitaring Verse 3 ------- I was lucky it never hurt me So I didn't make a fuss I got back to my feet And was hit by a bloody bus ------ Riff 1 ------ oh shit Verse 4 ------- I swallowed my tooth and nearly chocked dead I fell to the floor Where a big fat gay gave me head ------ Riff 1 ------ sod this ------ CHORUS ------ Verse 5 ------- I went for a walk on which i had a spliff when a fuckin seagull stole it and pushed me down a cliff Outro -----
Key --- po = pull off Difficult song i know but keep practising and you should get there If you like my bands stuff you should email me and let me know or even if you want us for a gig. contact:
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