So Stereo - What You Wanted Me To Do tab

my first tab-- not all of the guitar 2's are here, sorry!

Intro/VerseGuitar 1E|---------------------| |-------------------2--|B|-------------------3-| |----------------------|G|--4-4-4-4-4-4-4p2-2--| |--4-4-4-4-4-4-4p2-2---|D|---------------------| x3 |----------------------|A|---------------------| |----------------------|E|---------------------| |----------------------|
Guitar 2 G BE|---------------|B|---------------|G|--------4------|D|---5----4------| x6A|---5----2------|E|---3-----------|"I got enough bad habits, enough loose stringsNow my hands are tied amongst a number of thingsAnd you, then there's you
And I don't have to look for trouble when it's following me Despite my vision only you I see It's you, yeah there was always you"
Pre-Chorus E C E GE|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|---1---5---1-------|D|---2---5---2---5---| A|---2---3---2---5---|E|---------------3---|"So don't say it's over 'tll it's overA love song and nothing else to show forBlaming me the weight that's on your shoulder love"
Chorus D A G B AE|--------------------|B|-------------------2|G|---7-----------4---2| x2D|---7---7---5---4---2|A|---5---7---5---2----|E|-------5---3--------|"So whatcha waiting for you wanted me to doI wrote a love song, a love song for youCause you don't have it right
And she said love don't shine and doubt you've chosen mine And if it wasn't your fault it surely wasn't mine I said all the right things at all the wrong times And if you want to keep your heart Then give me mine" (Verse) (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus)
Instrumental/SoloGuitar 1E|------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--7h8p7--5-----7-----7h8p7--5-----10-8-7---7h8p7-5----------------------|G|-----------7-9--7-------------7-9-----------------7-7-9-7-7-9-7-9/11-9p7|D|---------------------------------------------------9-----9--------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Guitar 2 D A G BE|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|---7-----------4---| x2D|---7---7---5---4---|A|---5---7---5---2---|E|-------5---3-------|
Repeat chorus over and over
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