Social Code – Buy Buy Baby chords

Left handed
Social Code
Buy Buy Baby
Rock n Roll
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Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

chords used:
Am   x02210
E    022100
C    x32010
G    320003
F    133211
Dm   xx0231

Intro: Bass Solo until Verses
Am  E Am  

Verse 1:
AmIt seeps under your front door
Until it soaks in every pore
EBetween the cracks in the walls
AmIt'll flow in every night
AmIt'll flood from your TV
And destroy your magazines
EYou're a fish on a line
There's a hook and
Amyou're gonna bite
C GYou better go with the flow
F AmYou don't wanna get left behind
C GYou better go with the flow
F Am Am(hold)They're gonna come rob you blind
CBuy buy baby
GYou can't escape it
AmOh it's true
FThey got a hold on you
Because you'll
Clove it or hate it
GThere's nothing
Amnothing you can do
FThey got a hold on you
Yeah they got me too Post Chorus: Am Am Dm Am (hold) Verse 2:
AmShe comes in every
shape and style With a fire cracker smile
EIn a hot pink Cadillac
Amand a Sunday dress
AmThey get underneath your skin
Till your veins begin to itch
EYou can't run can't hide
Am(hold)They're stuck inside your head
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
Am C G F You'll take the bait
And they'll take my money
Am C G F Hook me up
And I'll spend
Emore money on you
Breakdown: Bass Solo Am E Am Verse 3:
AmAnd my remotes control's a gun
And I've switched the safety off
EIt blows my mind to think
Am(hold)we're having such a blast whoa!!!
(Repeat Chorus) Outro:
Am C G F(hold) You'll take the bait
And they'll get my money
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