Social Distortion - Ball And Chain chords

Every one else has these chords totally wrong.  If you play the chords to the 
music, you'll find this is accurate.  Here's how the song is played.  One of the all time greats.


C G F CWell it's been 10 years and a thousand tears and look at the mess I'm in
C G F CA broken nose and a broken heart and an empty bottle of gin
C G F CWell I sit and I pray, in my broken down Chevrolet...
C G F Cand I'm singing to myself, there's got to be another way
C G F CTake away, take away, take away this ball and chain,
C G F Ccause I'm sick and I'm tired, and I can't take anymore pain,
C G F CTake away, take away, never to return again
C G F (music pauses) (starts) CTake away, take away, take away, hey.... Take away this ball and chain
Well I've searched, and I've searched, to find the perfect life A brand new car, and a brand new suit, I even got me a little wife But wherever I have gone, I was sure to find myself there You can run all your life, but not go anywhere Chorus I passed the bar on the way, to my dingy hotel room I spent all of my money, I been drinkin since half passed noon Well I'll wake there in the morning, or maybe in the county jail Times are hard, getting harder, I'm born to lose, and destined to fail Chorus
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