Social Distortion – Diamond In The Rough chords

Capo 1

God bless Mike Ness.

D A E A x2
A E D A x2

A EWell, I've been up, yeah
D AAnd I've been down
A EBeen kicked around, yeah
D AThis god-forsaken town
A E D ASo many faults, so little time
A E DI've gotta find my piece of mind
A E D APeace of mind
A E D AI was looking for something
Anything at all Something to believe in Spray-painted on the walls I've made mistakes, yeah I've paid for them too What's a poor boy supposed to do (Chorus)
A E D AThen she said yea, yea
Youre like a diamond in the rough Youre dirty and youre damaged All you needs a little love But inside theres a sparkle Thatll light the stars above And you'll be there in the morning When the going gets tough A E D A
A E D AThere was a time when, I could not say
I got a reason to live another day A discarded treasure, they all passed on by And I can understand the reasons why Chorus (x4)
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