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Social Distortion – Reach For The Sky tab

Reach for the sky  - Social Distortion

e|---------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------|G|-6-5-3---6-5-3----6-5-3-1-3-5-6-8-6-5--| X2D|------3--------1-----------------------|A|---------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------|
guitar 2: Em, C, G, D X2 PRE-VERSE: Em, D, Em (PLAY THE VERSES IN A PALM MUTE) Em C When I was young I was invincible, G D I find myself now thinking twice, Em C I never thought about no future, G D its just the roll of the dice. But the day may come when you've got something to lose, and just when you think you're done paying dues And you say to yourself, dear God what Have I done? And hope its not too late 'cause tomorrow may never come. [Chorus:] G D Em C Reach For the Sky, 'cause tomorrow may never come…………………………. Reach For the Sky, 'cause tomorrow may never come…………………………. Em DD Em PRE-VERSE Yesterday is history, and tomorrow's a mystery But baby right now, its just about you and me, You can run you can hide just like Bonnie and Clyde Reach for the sky ain't never gonna die, and I thank the Lord for the love I have found and hold you tight, cause tomorrow, may never come. [Chorus] SOLO: X2 (DURING THE SOLO, GUITAR 2 PLAYS THE VERSE RIFF) So if you please take this moment Try if you can make it last Don't think about no future, and just forget about the past and make it last……………... [Chorus] END
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