Social Distortion – Bad Luck Acoustic tab

this song is 3 chords the whole time: f, c, g

tuning: standard, capo on 1st fret

f c ge|--1-------0------3---------------------| u can play the f chord like a power chordb|--1-------1------3---------------------| if its easier like:g|--2-------0------0---------------------|d|--3-------2------0- d|3-|a|--3-------3------2- a|3-|e|--1-------0------3- e|1-|
intro: strum chordse|--1-------0------3-|b|--1-------1------3-|g|--2-------0------0-|d|--3-------2------0-|a|--3-------3------2-|e|--1-------0------3-|
verse and choruse|1--1------0-0------3-3-3-3-|b|1--1------1-1------3-3-3-3-|g|2--2------0-0------0-0-0-0-|d|3--3------2-2------0-0-0-0-|a|3--3------3-3------2-2-2-2-|e|1--1------0-0------3-3-3-3-| ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
~ let that ONE chord ring * PALM MUTE THAT CHORD A BUNCH OF TIMES!!! -biggy well thats about it i guess , listen 2 the song J@|
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