Social Distortion – 99 To Life tab

I decided to make a tab for this song cause no one else did and this is
a great song.

Standard tuning
on the live dvd he uses a capo so im sure theres something to do with that, but i just 
to the song and figured this out so if u know what he's doing u should email me cause i 

Intro/main riff

*play each chord twice* A E A E I'm Broken hearted, I'm a broken man. A E A E Driven by anger, on that night I ran. A E A E I had me a woman, and only she be true. A E A E But she's gone and left me, you know my life is through. Chorus: A E A E Lonely weekend, baby, lonely nights. A E A E The judge he gave me 99 to life. -Main riff but just improvise- verse II I wish she could be here, Lord, if she only could. Instead she's layin' in a puddle of blood. Well, she was my baby, I thought she'd be my wife. I killed my baby, I killed her with my knife. chorus the solo is just basically improvision of the main riff with bends and on the D and G rather than the A and D. But here are some examples of what he does.
e---------------------------------|B---------10--10--10--10--10--10--|G-7-9-9/11--11--11--11--11--11----|D-0-0-0---------------------------|A---------------------------------|E---------------------------------| stuff like that. That riff is also the end solo. basically the song, but most of the riffs and solos r just improvisions of the main riff so fun with it.
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