Society 1 - Everyone Dies Rock Stars Dont Count tab

Intro:D-------------------|A-------------------|F-------------------|C---------- - 25-| times (palm mute)G-------------------|C--0-1-3------------|
D---------------|A---------------|F---------------|C--0-1-3--------| -16 timesG--0-1-3--------|C--0-1-3--------|
D---------------------------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------------------------|F---------------------------------------------------------------|C---------- -7 times (after 7 times it changes to C--0-1-1)--|G---------------------------------------------------------------| -(Repeat this whole thing until the chorus)C--0-0-3--- -I'm not sure,but i think the 0-1-1--------------| comes more often during the vocals
D-----------------|A-----------------|F-----------------|C---------- -3-| timesG--0-0-3-0-0------|C--0-0-3-0-0------|
And then...
D-------------------|A-------------------|F-------------------|C------------- -1-| timeG--0-0-3-0-1-3------|C--0-0-3-0-1-3------|
The bit after verse 2 and the second chorus(?):
D-------------|A-------------|F-------------|C--3----------| -16 timesG--3----------|C--3----------|
The bit after the Re-intro(or whatever its called)
D-----------------|A-----------------|F-----------------|C--0-1-1-0- -8-| timesG--0-1-1-0--------|C--0-1-1-0--------|
Order: Intro Verse Chorus Verse Chorus The bit with alot of 3s Re-intro The bit after the re-intro(I have no idea what its actually called :S) The quiet bit that has no guitar* Breakdown(same as verse) Chorus The bit with alot of 3s *That bit might have guitar,I'm not sure if those are harmonics or something else :S
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