Soft Rocks - View From Below tab

View from Below
Lyrics By Michael Keen
Music By Michael Keen
A                         Cm
Now that time has been so simple
D                           E
Because it might be getting worse
A                             Cm
Theres no time to think whats hapnin
D                               E
Because there's time to make it work

A                           Cm
Time the people on the main street
D                           E
They could see + they could grow
A                        Cm
Why do they have to look over
D                        E
The grass seems to me so low

D                      A
Co’s I want to see the snowdrift
F#m              D
That, no one can deny
A                    F#m
People seem to be so sure
D                             E
But they always come back for more

A                    Cm
No one wants to be a hero
D                          E
Even though there right is true
A                   Cm
Can a field see the sun light
D                       E
Although the views from below

A                       Cm
The wheel on the car is turning
D                  E
Much seems upside down
A                     Cm
Maybe life looks very different
D                    E
Just from one single turn



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