Soggy Bottom Boys – I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow Acoustic tab

                   Man of Constant Sorrow
                   Soggy Bottom Boys
                   Transcribed by:  Boady

     riff 1

Fm F# Gsus?
e---x e---x e---x--|B---x B---x B---x--|G---x G---x G---x--|D---x D---x D---x--|A---4 A---7 A---11-|E---2 E---5 E---9--|
intro Fm riff 1 in constant sorrow all through his day Fm riff 1 x3 Verse 1 Fm F# i am a man of constant sorrow Gsus?? Fm riff 1 and i've seen trouble all my days Fm F# i bid farewell to old kentucky Gsus?? Fm its the place where i was raised Fm G sus?? Fm riff 1 its the place where i was raised now just keep repeating the verse its the same for all and end with the intro its pretty easy any Qs'Email me at
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