Soja – Losing My Mind chords

The chord are simple. they are Am, G, F.---Barchords

Am x2 G x2There's no pictures on the wall
C x3 there's no rise and there's no fall
G x1 Am x2 G x2 C x3 and in the morning, I'ma ride alone without you
G x1 Am x2 There's no phone and there's no calls
C x3 there's no talkin to you at all
Gx1 Am x2 G x2 C x3and I don't care late at night when its not you
G x1 Am x2 G x2 C x3 G x1 But when I go out in the rain, I think about the past
Am x2 G x2 Cx3 G x1I want it again, I think about going
Am x2 G x2 C x3 G x1you feel inside and im losing my mind
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