Soja – Cant Tell Me chords ver. 2

G (355433)
Am (577555)
Bm (799777)
Em (779987)

GI like women and I love getting high,
AmI like a house and a car just fine, but
Bm AmI love Jah and creation too,
Gand I don't really care if it's all right with you.
GI love my family even the bald heads,
Amand I love my friends even with no dreads,
Bm Amcuz we all get by and to ourselves stay true -
Gand I don't really care if it's Rasta to you.
EmYou can't tell me who I am
Amcuz I'm working on that too.
Bm Am GWhat's right for me just ain't right for you.
Etc. Etc. I believe the song stays like that.
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