Solace - Indolence tab version 2

My first tab, made in response to the other Indolence tab i felt wasn't 100% correct, 
sorry, only main fiff atm, i'll work on the rest when i can. Tuning: DGCFAD

Intro:Guitar ID|------------------|A|------------------|F|-----9-7-9--------|C|-2-/-9-7-9---5-7-5|G|-2-/-7-5-7---5-7-5|D|-0-/---------3-5-3|
D|--------------------------|A|--------------------------|F|-----9-7-9---------------~|C|-2-/-9-7-9---5-7-5-------5|G|-2-/-7-5-7---5-7-5--------|D|-0-/---------3-5-3---3-5--| x x ~
/ = Slide x = Palm Mute ~ = Vibrato Rate it, Don't rate it, i don't really give a $h1t. and... LETS GET SOME MORE SOLACE TABS ON HERE PEOPLE! \m/ \m/ \m/
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