Solas - Poisonjesters Mouth tab

Intro: E5  C5  E5  Gb5
       E5  C5  Gb5  E5

Em                        C
There was tear gas in the poisonjester's mask
Em                           C
Shed a tear, dear, for the clown
Dsus                      C
Tried to fight fire with water
         Em                C         D11
It went down on the ten o'clock news

I bought the paper and walked back to where I'd parked
The man on the movie theater steps
Can always find his needle
But I wonder where's the thread?

Em                   C
How much more can we bare
G               Dsus
'Til the way is paved?
Em            C
For the revolution
                            Em         C     D11
There'll be nothing left unchanged

Tonight I'm tired and I'm worn, so I consent
To cede control to the remote
To wrap me in its airtight void
And keep me from my own

How much more can we bare
'Til the way is paved?
For the revolution
There'll be nothing left unchanged

Play intro over solo

We fight just wars and we build just walls
We raise cities and make cities fall
We raise children and we write their names
On granite walls, we don't like losing games


Play intro over outro


E5: x79xxx
C5: x35xxx
Gb5: x911xxx
Dsus: xx0230
D11: x54030

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