Soldiers Of Jah Army - Decide Youre Gone tab

Soldiers Of Jah Army (S.O.J.A.)
"Decide you're gone"
Transcription by Esteban Croppi

INTRO: (G-D-Em-C) G De|---------------------------------------------|B|-----------12-12-10-------------------12-10--|G|-------12------------12------------11--------|D|----12--------------------------12-----------|A|-10--------------------------12--------------|E|-------------------------10------------------|
Em C e|--------7-7---------------------------------|B|------------10-8-10----------------12-10-8--|G|-----9----------------------9-9/12----------|D|---9---------------------10-----------------|A|-7--------------------10--------------------|E|--------------------8-----------------------|
G De|-------------------------10------------------------|B|-----------12-12-10-------------------12-10/12\10--|G|-------12------------12------------11--------------|D|----12--------------------------12-----------------|A|-10--------------------------12--------------------|E|-------------------------10------------------------|
Em C e|--------7-7--------------------------|B|------------10-8-10-----------12-10--|G|-----9----------------------9--------|D|---9---------------------10----------|A|-7--------------------10-------------|E|--------------------8----------------|
INTERLUDE (Trumpet): (G-D-Em-C) x2 G D Em Ce|----7--------------------------------------|B|------8---10--10/12\10--8------------------|G|--7-----7-----------------7--7/9--7--------|D|------------------------------------10--9--|A|-------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------|
G D Em Ce|----7----------------------7--8--10--8-----|B|------8---10--10/12\10--8------------------|G|--7-----7----------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------|
G D 1- I used to think that I cold go this all alone Em C I used to think I could do it by myself, But I, G D I found another one like me walking alone Em C I don't think she stands a chance with no one else, but anyway... G D 2- I'll be here, and you'll be there and Em C we'll be by the phone (and you know) G D I'll be sitting, watching you waiting Em C for you to decide you're, to decide you're gone INTERLUDE (Trumpet): (G-D-Em-C) x2 G D 1- And when I'm calling if I'm calling someone else Em C it don't feel the same as when I'm calling you, I meat it G D and in a world I more and more can't understand Em C It would be hard to lose something that I do, but anyway... G D 2- I'll be here, and you'll be there and Em C we'll be by the phone (and you know) G D I'll be sitting, watching you waiting Em C B for you to decide you're, to decide you're gone SOLO: (Em-B-C-B) x2
Em B C Be|---------------------------------------------------|B|-8-7-8-10-8-7-8--8-7-------7-----------------------|G|---------------------9-8-8---9----7/9-7/9----9-8---|D|-------------------------------10---------9--9-9---|A|---------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------|
Em B C B e|-------------------------------------------------------7-8-10--7/8\7--7/8\7--7/8\7--|B|-8-7-8-10-8-7-8--8-7-------7---------------7-8--7-8-10------------------------------|G|---------------------9-8-8---9---------7-9------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------10-9/10----------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
INTERLUDE (Trumpet only): (G-D-Em-C) x2 G D 1- So watch the days cuz they all turn into the night, Em C and watch the sun cuz it turns into the moon G D and in a world that wont stop turning us around Em C at least we know who we can turn to... now G D 2- I'll be here, and you'll be there and Em C we'll be by the phone (and you know) G D I'll be sitting, watching you waiting Em C for you to decide you're, to decide, oh to decide! G D 2- I'll be there, and you'll be here and Em C we'll be by the phone (oh yea) G D And I'll be sitting while I watch, I'll be watching Em C G while I wait for you to decide that you're gone, for you to decide that you're gone D 1- Is it too much, is it too far, is it too long Em C G and now you're gone and I'll be here and you'll be there and you'll decide that you're gone D Is it too much, and is it too far, and is it too long Em C G and walk on and you'll decide you're, you'll decide you're gone ---------------------------------------------- Esteban D. Croppi - Santa Fe, Argentina - 2009
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