Someone Special And The Unknowns - Stop The Judging tab

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Title: Stop The Judging
Artist: Someone Special And The Unknowns
Album: 8th Grade Was The Best 3 Years Of My Life

Instrument: Guitar

Tabbed by: Gil Raitses (The Guitarist for the band) (

Tuning: Standard (E A D G B E)

Intro & Verse

Ok, now here is the order and the number of time you have to do each riff. Pay attention and be careful the number of time you play everything changes for each time you play it because of Andrew singing speed and length of the verses. Intro & Verses 9 times (stop for 4 measures for the bass and drum solos). The Chorus 8 times. Intro & Verses 6 times (stop for 4 measures for the bass and drum solos). The Chorus 8 times. Intro & Verses 5 times.(stop for 4 measures for the bass and drum solos). The Chorus 12 times. Intro & Verses Once (on the last note, let it ring). Thats it, and it is 100% correct because I am the guitarist for the band. ROCK ON! -Someone Special And Unknowns.
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