Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Think I Wanna Die chords

Actually, I hate or at least don't really like you, Boris Yeltsin because I'm russian 
and I know about you anything. But the song is great *-*.

C GThink I wanna die if you don't stay
Am Emdrop dead in place you can forget it
Dm GCarry a torch for days,
I'm gonna let it burn C G Am Em Dm G
Am CI remember watching as you slowly loaded up the loom.
Am COn repeat: Caravan and we danced around the room.
F COnce insecure about your scar but I think you got over it.
Am CDreamt of marimbas made from the bones of our relatives,
Am Cwho never live as long as we think that they oughta live.
FYou dreamt of sex with tigers
CI tried to get my head around that one!
Left in a disguise for the faraway Traveled all alone through boring meadows while I sat at home wishing we could elope.. Will you ever know what you do to me? I'm on my broken knees, no end of sorrow. Sorry if that’s twee but it's tomorrow's hope
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