Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - I Am Warm And Powerful tab

A:      5 |7 |7 |6 |5 | 5
D:      10|12|12|11|10|10
F#m:     x|9 |11|11|10| 9
C#m:     9|11|11| 9| 9| 9
Bm:      7| 9| 9| 7| 7| 7
E:      12|14|14|13|12|12
C#madd9: 9|11|13| 9| 9| 9
D*:      5| 5| 7| 7| 7| 5

fig. 1e|------------------------------------------------|B|-9-9----------------------9-10-9---9------------|G|-----9-9-11-11----------9--------9---9----------|D|---------------10-10-11-------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------|
Intro A (strum once) D (strum once) F#m C#m Bm C#m D E /w fig. 1 A D F#m C#m Bm C#m D E /w fig. 1 A D F#m C#m We've got am-nesia from the slightest problems Bm C#m you start shaking D E and you start talking A D F#m C#m \ takes more than working now to keep you from falling | /w fig. 1 Bm C#m D E / 'cause work is starting and things are falling F#m C#madd9 D Bm i'm in a real good place F#m C#madd9 D Bm to light out without leaving a trace F#m C#madd9 D Bm you said i was the only one A D* A D*(let ring) now i just don't know whats going on A we don't get out D* very much we don't get out E very much F#m C#m D E im afraid were loosing touch with our balled up little crowd A D when we get out and get drunk F#m C#m and we get high and don't talk D C#m D E we just walk and walk and walk untill we find ourselves alone F#m E D A but at least we've got each other A D F#m C#m it's not so bad if you can't remember Bm C#m D E this is just an excuse for something A D F#m C#m \ we've got amnesia from the slightest problems | /w fig. 1 Bm C#m D E / you start shaking and you start talking Lyrics alone where i can't be you alone where i can't be you i don't think alot about you i've been thinking alot about you with: A, D, F#m, C#m, Bm, C#m, D, E x 2 /w fig. 1 End on A
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