Something Corporate – Little tab

This is basic chord progression for Little. Nothing elaborate, but this should get you
Play around with it, but I barre A on the 5th, Em on the 7th, G on the 10th, D on the 5th
the verses. For the Prechorus I switch to open chords and a semi-random picking pattern 
imitate the piano. For the Chorus I go back to second position barre chords. This
what the guitar does on the album, but if you don't have a piano playing along 
must be made...


A -> Em -> G -> Em -> A -> Em ->
-> D

*Note - The G -> D at the end is quicker than the rest of the changes. Listen for the
its not straight time there.

Prechorus ("And I wonder...")

A -> Em -> G -> G

Hold the very last G for an extra half-measure of downstrokes as you speed up for the chorus


D -> G -> Bm -> G


Em -> G (repeat)

then, on "...nightstand"

A -> G

then back to Chorus
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