Something Corporate – Me And The Moon chords

Some of these chords I may have been off on the names, but overall I think It's good.

Verse Chords:
        F#/Gbm: x44200
             A: 577600
             E: 022100
          Bsus: x24400

Chorus Chords:
             A: 577600
             E: x79900  or
             B: 799800          


F#/Gbm AIt's a good year for a murder
E Bsusshe's praying to jesus, she's pulling the trigger
F#/Gbm Athere's no tears, cause he's not here
E Bsusshe washes her hands, and she fixes the dinner
F#/Gbm Abut soon they'll be coming to rush her away
E Bsus no one's so sure if her crime had a reason
F#/Gbmreasons like seasons
Athey constantly change
Eand the seasons of last year
Bsus F#/Gbmlike reasons have floated away
A Eaway with this spilt milk
Bsus F#/Gbmaway with this dirty dish water, away
A E Bsusseventeen years, and all that he gave was a daughter
A E B A E "it's me and the moon," she says
B A E B i got no trouble with that
A E B but i am a butterfly, you wouldn't let me die
A E B "it's me and the moon," she says
Verse: Just repeat the first verse. (F#/Gbm, A, E, Bsus) and it's over, but it just started the blood stained the carpet her heart like a crystal she's lucid and departed a life left behind, she can find in her mind gone away away with these nightmares away with suburbia shake down away you marry a role and you give up your soul til you break down Chorus: Repeat the chorus. (A, E, B) Interlude:
A E Bbut what do you say we go for a ride?
A E Bwhat do you say we get high?
A E B A E Bbut i'm so tired of days that feel like the night
Chorus: Repeat again.
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