Something For Kate – Stunt Show tab

BAND:        Something For Kate
SONG:        Stunt Show

FILL:----- E Fma7e|-------------------0--0----0---|B|-------------------0--0----0---|G|-------------------1--1----2---|D|--------7p6--------2--2----3---|A|--------------7---2--2----0----|E|---0/7-------------0--0--------|
Fma7 You hold me in mid air E And you keep me G E (fill) A measure from impact Fma7 You stop and ask me E G E (fill) If the ringing in your ears might be the sound of thought Fma7 You're like a long slow accident E G Time stood still while motion emptied you out A Am And I watched you like a slide show (fill) E 1, 2, 3, 4 And there you go Fma7 We all stop and stare E From start to finish G E (fill) Yeah we're measuring again Fma7 You keep trying to show us E G E (fill) How you can carry fifty times your own weight Fma7 You've got a whole new story E But your bound to your invention like a ball and chain G And I watched you Bm Like a stunt show A Hold my breath Am E And here we go
CHORUS:------- C G D C G F#e|---3--3--2--3--3---2----|B|---3--3--3--3--3---4----|G|---0--0--2--2--0---2----|D|---2--0--0--2--0---4----|A|---3--2--0--3--2---2----|E|------3--------3---2----|
C G D How will you get yourself out of this one C You stand by watching G F# And this is how your life is turning out C G D How will you get yourself out of this one C Yeah you stand by watching G F# A E And this is how your life is turning out
BRIDGE:------- E D A C D A E e|-----2---0---3---2---0------|B|-----3---3---3---3---3------|G|-1---2---3---0---2---3---1--|D|-2---0---3---2---0---3---2--|A|-2---0---0---3---0---0---2--|E|-0-----------------------0--|
Ohhh... Ohhh... Ohhh... x2 REPEAT CHORUS -------------
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