Something For Kate – Light At The End Of The Tunnel tab

standard tuning
Acoustic Guitar (comprised of two chord riffs.  You need to know when to switch riffs 
the times you play them before you switch off.)  I'll get the electric guitar part in the 
later on but the acoustic guitar is the core of this song.

Riff 1e--3--3-0-2-0-2h3-|b--3--3-3-3-3-3---|g--0--0-0-0-0-0---|d--0--------------|a--2--------------|e--3--------------|
Riff 2e-3--3-0-2-0-2h3-|b-3--3-3-3-3-3---|g-0--0-0-0-0-0---|d-2--------------|a-2--------------|e----------------|
at parts of the song, the ending parts change to, so either play it during any parts of song or just disregard it.e-3-0-2-0-2p0-|b-3-3-3-3-3---|g-0-0-0-0-0---|d-------------|a-------------|e-------------|
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