Something For Kate - Anchorman Ii tab

                        ANCHORMAN II - Something For Kate
Tabbed by: Patrick

Tuning: standard (EADGBe)

PLEASE NOTE: This song is a B-Side that you can find on "Phantom Limbs - Selected
(or originally on the "Song For A Sleep Walker" single). Don't get confused with "Anchorman" 
"Beautiful Sharks", this is a completely different song!


This picking pattern is played 3 times. VERSE ===== Here another guitar comes in, but it sort of takes over as the main guitar so we'll call it Guitar 1. Guitar 1 ========
The above is played 3 times. Guitar 2 ======== This just keeps repeating the intro (how ever many times you need). CHORUS ======
You'll have to figure out the rhythm of it. That last chord is usually just played before going back to (799800). It's just a variation of E, but it's an easy little fill to Paul probably does some other stuff, but the chords I've written are the basis of the chorus. POST-CHORUS =========== ("Did you hear the news?")
VERSE 2 ======= Same as verse 1, except play the verse pattern only twice this time. CHORUS ====== POST-CHORUS 2 =============
BRIDGE ====== Guitar 1 ========
With those first 3 chords, you've sort of got to pick them out a bit. I haven't written out because I don't know it exactly, just have a listen and try to understand Paul's Play what I've written above 3 times, and on the 4th time, just play the first 2 chords. Guitar 2 ======== This guitar part needs an overdrive/distortion of some description and you've got to be good at bending to make it sound right...I can't! e| B| G|6-8-8b9-----6b8-----4 (X3) D| A| E| On the 4th time, play it the same, but leave out that B note at the end. CHORUS/OUTRO ============ The rest of the song is just the chorus being repeated. Guitar 2 plays a very simple over the top, which is written below. There is also a third guitar which picks out of the chorus chords. I haven't worked it out because it is hard to hear, and your own improvisation will most likely do. The song ends quietly on (799700). Guitar 2 ======== Here is that really simple riff. Keep the guitar sound used for Guitar 2 in the bridge.
| b bend up | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ============================================================================
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