Something For Kate - Song For A Sleepwalker tab

I heard this song and realised that I had to 
be able to play it! I was horrified when I
found that UG didn't have any version of it,
but it worked out well, because it made me tab
it out for mself! So remember, this is my first
tab for myself really, so please rate and post a
comment for it! Enjoy!

TABBED: Emma Peel

Chords: G Am C D Em C9 1-3--o--o--2--o--3--2-3--1--1--3--o--3--3-o--2--o--2--o--o--4-o--2--2--o--2--2--5-2--o--3--x--2--3--6-3--x--x--x--o--x--
Intro: G|Am|C---|D|G|Am|C|D|Em|C9| |Drum starts here! G|Am|C|D|Em|C9|G|Am|C|D|Em|C9|G|Em|D|C|Am|C9 Verse: G Am C D No more will I play along G And no more will I tell myself Am C D Em C9 G How it's gonna be, from now on Am C Cause I've been stalling in between D C9 And I've been dragging my feet C Em Making best that this isn't happening Chorus: G Am C And I sleepwalk around D Two feet off the ground G Am C D The real world is trying to reach me G Am C When rain comes down D C9 I see it all now And that's basically it, except for the Solo and bridge but I haven't worked that out yet. Sorry. Have fun, I think that's all correct, and I hope it is a good tab! Watch out for some of the changes, they can be sort of quick, and listen to the song for strumming patterns! Fairly easy! And if you have another tab for the song, or have the bridge and solo worked out, etc . . . can you please write another tab? Thank you.
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