Son Of Dork - Were Not Alone tab

From the rockin' new LP - Beyond

*** Capo 5th Fret ***
(chord shapes, etc relative to capo)

Basically noodling around these chord shapes, any improvising around this pattern sounds cool...


C F C G E|------------------------------------------------|B|---1----1----1-1h3-1-1----1----1---0--0-1-3-----|G|----0----0--2-2-----2------0----0--0------------|D|-2----2----3------------2----2-----0------------|A|-3----3-----------------3----3-----2------------|E|-----------------------------------3------------|
VERSE: * 2nd time 0 replace's 3 C F C G /E|----------------------------------------------/-|B|---1----1----1-1h3-1-1----1----1---0--0-1-3(0)--|G|----0----0--2-2-----2------0----0--0------------|D|-2----2----3------------2----2-----0------------|A|-3----3-----------------3----3-----2------------|E|-----------------------------------3------------|
I’ve been lying softly Ear to the ground I don’t need to listen I just need the sound * Piece it all together Help me out When it’s almost over There’s a doubt to get through * CHORUS: x2
F C AmE|-----0---------0-0-0-------|B|-----1-----1---1p0-1-------|G|----2-----0----2-2-2-------|D|---3-----2-----2-2-2-------|A|--------3-----0--0-0-------|E|--1------------------------|
Wanted you to say Wanted you to say Wanted you to say
You’ll be around… VERSE: Keep an eye on my eye Keep me straight Keep an eye on every Move I make, or think of * Keep the past out of my Withered hand Keep me guessing, keep me Keep me at all * CHORUS: x2 Wanted you to say Wanted you to say Wanted you to say You’ll be around…
F AmE|-----------0---3---------0-------|B|-----------1---1---------1-------|G|-----------2---2---------2-------|D|-----------3---3---------2-------|A|-------------------------0-------|E|-----------1---1-----------------|
Like you are now, you know how… OUTRO: (with solo)
e|----3-0-3-0-3---3-0-3-0-3---3-0-3-0-3---3-0-0h1p0-------|B|-(1)---------(1)---------(1)---------(1)---------3-1-0--|G|-(0)---------(0)---------(0)---------(2)----------------|D|-(2)---------(0)---------(2)---------(3)-\--------------|A|--3-----------2-----------0---------------\-------------|E|--------------------------------------1----\------------| \If you say we’re not alone \(=)hit root note only 1stIf you say we’re not alone time round, light strumIf you say we’re not alone thereafter...If you say we’re not alone
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