Son Of Dork - Colgate Smile tab

I've done more of the song since the last post.


e|--7--9--7-9-11---|B|-----------------| Just play this over then carry it on into the verse.G|-----------------|D|-----------------|A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
There will be a break in the verse. It isn't hard to figure out the strum. Play the bar twice.
Then it goes back to the picking.
Then another strum starts that is longer than the other and it is just before the On the last bar it is two downward stums on E (7,9,9)then a single strum on D (5,7,7)e|------------| e|--------------| e|-------------| e|--------------|B|------------| B|--------------| B|-------------| B|--------------|G|---6--------| G|---9----------| G|---6---------| G|---9-9-----7--|D|---6--------| D|---9----------| D|---6---------| D|---9-9-----7--|A|---4--------| A|---7----------| A|---4---------| A|---7-7-----5--|E|------------| E|--------------| E|-------------| E|--------------|
Chorus ( unknown ) Bit on the middle 8
e|-----------------| e|-----------11-----|B|--11-10-11-------| B|--11-10-11--------|G|-----------10----| G|------------------|D|-----------------| D|------------------|A|-----------------| A|------------------|E|-----------------| E|------------------|
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