Son Of Sam - Of Power tab

OF POWER - Son Of Sam 

TUNING: Standard 
BY: Captain Tab 

INTRO/MAIN RIFF: E|---------------------| B|---------------------| G|--8----8----9----6---| D|--8----8----9----6---| A|--6----6----7----4---| E|---------------------|
let ring..............^
VERSE: E|----------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------| G|--888888888888888888-99999999-66666666--| D|--888888888888888888-99999999-66666666--| A|--666666666666666666-77777777-44444444--| E|----------------------------------------|
CHORUS: E|---------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------| G|--88888888888888888--------------------| D|--88888888888888888-77777777-55555555--| A|--66666666666666666-77777777-55555555--| E|--------------------55555555-33333333--|
BRIDGE: There is a solo in there that I am working on, I will post it as soon as it is done. Note: An organ doubles the guitar throughout the song, and Todd Youth may tune lower but there is no point in de-tuning for this song. ENJOY! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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