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Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 19:39:40 -0600 (CST)
From: Ira Houston Bryant Iv 
Subject: CRD: s/son_volt/looking_at_the_world_through_a_windshield.crd

Looking at the World Through a Windshield
as performed by Son Volt
written by Jerry Chestnut, Mike Hoyer
from the Feeling Minnesota Soundtrack
transcribed by Ira Bryant (

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Intro Riff

{Verse 1} A Well when I was just a little bitty kid D I remember one time Mommy said E A Daddy sends you all his love, from 'Frisco Bay A Well I didn't understand till I was grown D Why my Daddy didn't spend a little time at home E A Instead of running round the country that way {Chorus} A E Oh I'm looking at the world through a windshield A Seeing everything in a little bit different light [Watching it fly by me on the right] D7 I got a sweet little thing that I'm dying to see in Nashville E A And I'm down around Dallas and rolling on south tonight Intro Riff {Verse 2} Well long strips of rubber that you see Were burnt off of this rig by the likes of me And they'll rot along the highways in this land I'm gonna write my name in this diesel smoke And let the ones that come along behind me choke And try to keep this pace I'm setting anytime that they can {Chorus} {Verse 3} Well I push this rig through the sleet and rain And I've driven through the rough terrain Of the rockies to the docks of old L.A. On down that old pacific shore I swing north and head for Baltimore Or some place 'bout 2000 miles away {Chorus} E A And I'm down around Dallas and rolling on south tonight ~
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