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Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 23:06:00 -0500
Subject: Son Volt, "Route"

adding full lyrics to  earlier tab

:::::ROUTE  :::::
(Jay Farrar)

INTRO:(repeat)e ----------------5-----------------------------------|B --3--3--3--2----5------------3--3--3--2---2-(bend)--|G --2--2--2--2----7------------2--2--2--2-------------|D --0--0--0--0----7------------0--0--0--0-------------|A --0--0--0--0----0------------0--0--0--0-------------|E ----------------------------------------------------|
VERSE:D5add9 A5add9 Reality burns E G The way we're living's worse D5add9 A5add9 Pillars of inspiration are F#m G All falling down D5add9 A5add9 The cleanup won't work F#m G the fallout goes on. CHORUS: A5add9* A5add9/G# Now or never A5add9* D5add9 Too close to the latter A5add9* A5add9/G# D (Dsus) We're all living proof that nothing lasts A5add9* A5add9/G# And it's here for now A5add9* D5add9 transient tomorrow, A5add9* A5add9/G# D (Dsus) We're all living proof that nothing lasts. VERSE 2: Standing in the neutral zone, livin' on sleep deprivation. The rural route sleeps while the city bleeds all over itself; Over the falls in a barrel is where the answers have gone. CHORUS VERSE 3 Another road remains, but it provides no more, It can only take us away. Southbound you can taste the weather; It feels like home. CHORUS, repeat intro and out
CHORDS: D5add9 A5add9 A5add9* A5add9/G#e --0----- --0---- ---0------ --0-----------|B --3----- --0------ -0----- ---0-----------|G --2----- --2----- --4------ --4-----------|D --0------ -2--- ----2---- ----2-----------|A --0---- ---0---- ---0---- ----x-----------|E --x----- --x----- --x----- ---4----------|
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