Son Volt - Jukebox Of Steel chords

Standard Tuning

Intro G (2x) D (2x) A  G 

D Am GContinental motion certainty, merciful wheels
Em D A GWhere the living are living on, solvents and ashes
D Am GTime Chain of loneliness, half tone rebellions
Em D A GNomadic upturns in lights, the skeleton key turns the night
G D A GAnt-heroes to follow too, bar and string salvation
G D A GThrow the calender away, gonna find a jukebox of steel
G (2x) D (2x) A G
D Am GA still life with a bottle, newspaper and a glass
Em D A GCarrot dangles and the dance goes on, the bitters circle the drain
D Am GEmancipate the commonplace, ride high relief roads
Em D A G Of nightfall enchanted ends, a revelry in borrowed clothes
Chorus G (2x) D (2x) A G
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