Son Volt - Out Of The Picture tab

Artist: Son Volt (Jay Farrar)
Song:   Out of the Picture
Album:  Trace
Tuning: Drop D

Riff:e |--------------|B |--------------|G |--------------|D |-2p0----------|A |------2p0-----|E |-----------0--|
Notes: D - D with regular Dsus2 & Dsus4 variations A - A with regular Asus2, Asus4, and A7 variations G - G with occasional G5, Gmaj7 and Bm variations INTRO: Riff D A (2x) VERSE 1: You may be [D] quite sure, you know [A] where you're going But sooner or [G] later, you're out of the [D] picture Too many [D] lost names, too many [A] rules to the game Better [G] find a focus, or you're [D] out of the [A] picture CHORUS: Some-[G]-where along the way, the clock [A] runs out Some-[G]-where along the way, it all stands [D] still [A] INSTRUMENTAL: Riff D A VERSE 2: [D] Firemen saved, a [A] millionaire's mansion And when it's [G] done, we sleep on the side of the [D] road You may be [D] lost you'll find, just another [A] paradigm Just a [G] stop-frame in time, and you're [D] out of the [A] picture REPEAT CHORUS: INSTRUMENTAL: D A G D D A G D Riff D A VERSE 3: Take a-[D]-way this Columbus Day, no more [A] bones on display Black Hawk [G] never had a say, just taken [D] out of the [A] picture REPEAT CHORUS 2x: INSTRUMENTAL: Riff D A Riff D --crookedpath
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