Sonata Arctica - The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Real Puppet chords

Acoustic version by sinForge xJp

This IS NOT based on a recording/performance!!

Standard Tuning, Capo 2       
INTRO: (Deep chords set an ominus atmosphere) |1) e|--------------------------------------------------------|------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------|------------|G|--2-------2---2-----------2---1-------------------------|------------|D|--2-------3---2----0------2---2---0-------1---0---1-----|----0---0---|A|--3-------3---3----0------2---2---1-------1---1---3-----|----0---0---|E|--0-------0---0----1------0---0---3-------3---3---------|----3---2---| x2
|2) e|-------------------- PROGRESSION:B|-------------------- G|------------0---0--- Am.. Am6 Am | Dm.. Esus4 E |D|----3---0---0---2--- Gm.. Gm6 Gm | Cm.. Dsus4 D |A|----3---0---x---2--- Am.. Am6 Am | Dm.. Esus4 E |E|----1---1---3---0--- Gm.. Gm6 Gm | F5 Dm | G5 Em
Am Em C G/B AmSo many years ago, many more than I'd even care to bear in my mind
Em G D/F#From the darkest of all places I found you
Am Em C G/B Am All the limbs in their right places and a heart made of real gold
Em G D/F#Sell me your little doll, oh sir, I ask you kind
C Em Dadd11 C Em Dadd11 CEvery night I returned to watch them- The master and the puppet in the show
Em Dadd11 C Em Dadd11 C He said "Oh no, I cannot sell him. Priceless he is, masterpiece of mine."
Am Em C G/B Please sell me your puppet, sir, name your price oh please!
Am Em G D/F#Whatever you may ask, tenfold the price I pay
Am Em C G/BDid I not make it clear? This debate is over
Am Em G D/F#I will never part from this puppet, my son
C Em Dadd11 C Em Dadd11 CWith hungry eyes I followed them all night, the blind master and the puppet he had made
Em Dadd11 C Em Dadd11 CNo, sir, to sell is not my will! The doll is mine, even if I have to kill
Bb Dm C Bb Dm C BbSo it shall be, if this is what it takes. Greed is truly blinder than me
Dm C Bb Dm C BbHeart of gold is what you wish for? So this little boy wants to be a puppet, for real
..Dm C Bb.. Dm C G Bb Dm C F Bb Dm C G
C Dadd11 D5So I have the golden heart
C Dadd11 B D5 Now only needing the voice of the master
C G/B Dadd11 E Never feel hunger, never grow older
C D5 B AmMy dream was to be a star in a real puppet show
..Em C G/B Am Em G D/F# Am Em C G/B Am Em G D/F# Am Em C G/B Am Em G D/F# Am Em C G/B Am Em G D/F# (USE INTRO's CHORD SPELLINGS)
Am Am6 Am Dm Esus4 E GmIt's so hard to remember my life.. The times before the show
Gm6 Gm Cm Dsus4 D AmCan I ever cut off the strings? "Take a bow, now dance and sing..." (Sing!)
Am6 Am Dm Esus4 E GmWould you turn me to a child again? "No, never, I am your guide"
Gm6 Gm CmYou can see a small grin on the face
F5 Dm G5 EmOf the master, when the puppet's in his place
Am E GBe careful what you wish for, wishes might come alive
(G) E AmThe twines are pulling me every day and night
(Am) E GThe show, the glitter and all the fame, I'd give away for a life
(G) Some things can end with a word, they say
E AmThis only ends with a sharp knife (Knife!)
Bb Dm C Dm Bb Dm Gsus4 G Bb Dm C Dm Bb C G E (Strum out on variations of Am..)
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