Sonata Arctica – Juliet chords

JULIET- Sonata Arctica
Acoustic version by sinForge xJp

This IS NOT based on a recording/performance!!

Standard Tuning, Capo 2

Bm A G D A..These are my final lines, I've lived all my nine lives
F#m G BmMy nights are over, cannot feel your heart anymore
A G D AI lived only through you.. My scar, my heart, my truth
F#m G Bm I do not want to die, but no more can I love you!!
(Bm) A G D A F#m G..
Bm G A F# Bm ..How hard it is to understand my wish to die hand in hand
G D F# BmThis night's like a dream, you will be the last thing I will see
G A F# BmI hold your hand, close my eyes, and all I love finally dies
G D F# BmDrank the poison most foul with you.. But why do you smile?
A GDon't smile.. Don't you smile..
D F# G You were supposed to wither away with me, so Juliet..
APlease don't smile..
F# I'm paralyzed and you are still alive
Bm.. A G F#.. Bm.. A G F#.. Bm.. A G F#.. Bm.. A G F#.. Bm..
G A F# Bm..Life is but a long sad game, drifting souls avoiding shame
G D F# Am Two dead swans is all we need to pave the winding memory lane
F G E AmNo hellos, no bad goodbyes. Wailing, distant, silent cries
F C E FYou can live with my pain, it's your own you cannot take
G DYou played the game and lost- I wonder how you can
F AmHold the cards for a dead man
Bm A The light and the clarity, a welcome change for the life in the darkness
G Bm ASea of my sanity.. Lost in the vanity- All I ever wanted, to be lost in you
G Am GMy burden, the hatred.. My own reality.. My own reality, mirrors and smoke
F Am G The final truth unfolds, your reality.. Your reality mirrors my hopes
F Dm C Bb Dm..Where you will need me.. They'll never find us again once the trail has gone cold
C Bb I'm a restless soul, I'll make the best ghost.. All things good end into a...
DmMinute of silence.. I get myself in line
DmOne minute of silence.. To face my own demise
DmOne minute of silence.. This is not what I signed for
DmOne minute of silence.. You double-crossing filthy whore
Dm Bb C AI sit with someone in the dark.. I'm so afraid to see it's me again
Dm Bb C A ..You had a change of heart, now we're all getting hurt
Dm Bb C ALadies and gentlemen- Welcome to my life again
Dm Bb..Walk with me, every curve, every bend
C A Dm AThis promenade that seems to come to an end
Dm.. A Dm.. A Dm.. A
Bm A Bm A..You know what you meant to me
Bm A D F#Emptied the room in your life that I paid for
Bm A Bm A..When I lost my sanity
Bm A D F# GI made a mess, now I am here to clean
A E It is too late to regret anything tonight
G After what has come to light
A D GYou have played me for a fool for all this time
A E The story may rewrite itself after I'm gone
G One more breath, the day will dawn
Bm A G D Hard is it to understand my wish to die hand in hand
A E These wounds stay open all night long
G BmYou are the last thing I will see
A G D AI lived only by you.. My scar, my heart, my truth
F#m G DmMy sole reason to die, there's no life without you
C Bb F CThese are my final lines.. I've used all my nine lives
Am Bb A DmMy life is over, cannot feel your heart anymore
C Bb F CI lived only by you.. My scar, my heart, my truth
Am Bb A Bm Have no reason to live, I can't feel the love anymore
..G A F# Bm.. ..G D F# Bm..
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