Sonata Arctica – Replica chords

This is my first transcription. I handed this one in, because I think the other 
versions of this song are pretty shitty!!! So, hope you like it, it´s not that hard... 

original key is C#m, but this one´s easier to sing in my opinion...

Replica – Sonata Arctica

Verse 1:
Am C G FI'm home again, I won the war, and now I am behind your door.
Am C G FI tried so hard to obey the law, and see the meaning of this all.
Dm Dm/C Dm/B Dm/Bb Am CRemember me? Before the war. I'm the man who lived next door.
Am GLong ago...
Verse 2:
Am C G FAs you can see, when you look at me, I'm pieces of what I used to be.
Am C G FIt's easier when you don't see me standing on my own two feet.
Dm Dm/C Dm/B Dm/Bb Am C I'm taller when I sit here still, you ask are all my dreams fulfilled.
Dm Dm/C Dm/B Dm/Bb Am GThey made me a heart of steel, the kind them bullets cannot see.
Am C G DNothing's what it seems to be, I'm a replica, I'm a replica
Am C G D FEmpty shell inside of me I'm not myself, I'm a replica of me...
SOLO 1 Verse 3:
Am C G FThe light is green, my slate is clean, new life to fill the hole in me.
Am C G FI had no name, last December, Christmas Eve I can't remember.
Dm Dm/C Dm/B Dm/Bb Am C I was in a constant pain, I saw your shadow in the rain.
Dm Dm/C Dm/B Dm/Bb Am GI painted all your pictures red, I wish I had stayed home instead.
F C G F AmAre you gonna leave me now, when it is all over
F C G EAre you gonna leave me, is my world now over...
SOLO 2 Bridge 1:
Dm Dm/C Dm/B Dm/Bb Am C Raising from the place I've been, and trying to keep my home base clean.
Dm Dm/C Dm/B Dm/Bb Am Now I'm here and won't go back believe.
Verse 3:
Am C G FI fall asleep and dream a dream, I'm floating in the silent stream.
Am C G DNo-one placing blame on me, but nothing's what it seems to be, yeah!!
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